To secure future foundations by facilitating students access to quality international education and training
We are committed to providing an enabling environment to international students through top grade educational placement services worldwide and the offer of guardianship services which provide familiar and sustained cultural and moral values thereby ensuring the efficient attainment of academic goals abroad without loss of students' original value systems

 Language School Services

Summer Camps

This flagship service of our company is a very educative and informative programme which takes children aged between 8 and 18yrs to renowned recreational sites and some partner schools outside Nigeria, our country of domicile and operation

Student Placement Services

Universities and Colleges

Ever responsive to evolving trends from our Summer/Language School programmes started in 1994 as the initial vision of our company, we began in 2002 to place students in schools we visited with our summer school participants

Student Guardianship Services 

Legal & Personal/Corporate responsibility

This service is specific for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The reasons for its requirements fall into two categories - Legal and Personal Responsibility. Under the UK Laws, i.e. the children’s Act 1989 all persons under the age of 18 are considered to be children

British Schools Culture Experience 

UK Schools Placements

Initiated in 2009, this programme is specifically designed for Nigerian Secondary Schools that wish to have their students participate in an experience akin to the Schools Exchange program. Under the BSCE programme, students from Nigerian Secondary Schools visit UK Schools of equivalent tier or level whilst the UK Schools are in session.

The Universities Fam Trip 

Great Brochures and websites 

This pilot programme which will begin to run in 2016 springs from the growing need to generate an informed pool of sponsors and their wards garrisoned with the ability to make practical and accurate choices of where their children and wards end up schooling.