About KOT Educational Services & Tours Ltd

Established in 1994 primarily as a company dedicated to promoting tourism and the international education and cultural advancement of the Nigeria child, who at this time had become subject to the ignominious challenges of obtaining international visas from foreign consulates in Nigeria, we soon metamorphosed into a credible Education Placement Agency in 2002.

Originally funneled by the pioneering vision of three Nigerians, our company then known as KIDZ-on-TOUR Limited, soon changed its name to K.O.T Educational Services & Tours Limited to align with its now expanding education vision and goals. Our company is currently listed as one of the British Council Certified Education Placement Agencies promoting UK Education & Training in Nigeria. Two of our Directors were among the first set of Agents to take the British Council's Professional Development Training in promoting UK Education in 2004. KOT is committed to expanding its placement activities to more countries and to this end, through International Education Seminars and Workshops like ICEF, Germany and BBSW United Kingdom, 

To date, we have recorded 99% success rate in our education placements in the UK and 100% in other European countries like Ireland, and more recently Germany where mainly students seeking admission into Engineering and Medicine were placed. We have also attained a reasonable placement percentage rate into North American Universities and Colleges in Canada and the United States whilst achieving 100% in placements to India in the special field of computer sciences. KOT directly and indirectly represents well over fifty (50) of the high to mid ranking Universities in the United Kingdom alone providing students with access to study a host of courses including but not limited to Medicine, Engineering, Law

KOT acts as direct Agent to a continually growing list of top to mid ranked Universities & Colleges especially in the countries mentioned above to which we presently send students. We also work in direct partnership with other large international education providers such as KAPLAN, STUDYGROUP, NAVITAS, CEG, INTO and EF to ensure a wider scope of institutions worldwide are accessible to our students in the countries where these international education partners provide their services. On account of such partnerships, , Environmental and Life Sciences etc. We have entered new partnerships and collaborations for Australia and other South Asia education markets like China and Malaysia.