Summer Camp or Language School Services

This flagship service of our company is a very educative and informative programme which takes children aged between 8 and 18yrs to renowned recreational sites and some partner schools outside Nigeria, our country of domicile and operation. Under the watchful supervision of accompanying K.O.T Staff and one or two teachers from participating Nigerian schools, the programme affords participating children the opportunity to meet, learn and interact with their peers from other countries in a world that is increasingly becoming a global village. Since these trips are not only educative but also recreational, it informed our first company slogan ‘Constructive Tourism for a New Generation of Tourists”.

Participating in these tours not only affords each child necessary travel experience which secures a leverage or advantage for any subsequent intention to travel abroad for further studies or any other purpose outside the country,

 It also establishes the beginning of inter-personal friendships that cut across tribal, ethnic and national boundaries. Countries visited since the inception of these tours in 1994 have included the USA, Canada, Holland, France and now more particularly, the United Kingdom.

For more information on this service or participation in any one of the slated tours for each year, Please contact our Summer School desk ( or visit our website