KOT has offered a tremendous service to me, especially their parental/sponsorship support. KOT stood beside me and had sleepless nights to make sure I study in the UK. Here in UK they made me to be comfortable and well settled. They also provided summer class just to keep me busy in my academics. It is an experience that i will never forget. Thank you Mr Chris, Mrs Imah, Aunty Eno and Mr Alla God bless you all    

KOT Educational Services has the characteristics of a father, mother and child relationship. This has made the students to remain focused in their studies despite the absence of their parents’ advice. KOT not only sends students to further their career abroad, they care for them and ensure that the students are happy and comfortable with their accommodation, course of study and their choice of University. We love you, and I know God shall surely meet your needs. 


I believe going to kot for educational advice was the best choice. I was provided the best university with an accredited course in mechanical engineering at Northumbria university. I am now a graduate mechanical engineer with a first class honours degree and also an associate member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers because of the opportunity given to me by KOT Educational services.  

KOT is a an agent of Cavendish College in Nigeria. The students they have placed at the college have been excellent in learning and conduct 


Best wishes