The Universities Fam Trip 

This pilot programme began to run in 2016 springs from the growing need to generate an informed pool of sponsors and their wards garrisoned with the ability to make practical and accurate choices of where their children and wards end up schooling
Experience has shown that many international educational institutions come into the country with great Brochures and websites about the facilities and educational standards they offer but on a few occasions, after prospective students and their sponsors had made their decision and eventually arrived at such schools, they were faced with an environment they did not like and facilities that did not match the standards advertised. 

In order therefore to curb this growing trend, and as a proactive step towards ensuring greater satisfaction to our cohort of placed students, KOT in keeping with its ability to provide solutions to emerging challenges, has put in place the UNIs FAM TRIP. This trip which will take place every first quarter of the new year or second term of the Nigerian Secondary Schools’ curriculum, is designed for SS2 & 3 students who intend to pursue further studies in a UK Foundation/A Level College or University. It will last between 8-10 days. The trip will allow participating students and/or parents visit chosen Colleges and Universities in the United Kingdom or Ireland initially

Thereafter, trips will be arranged to any of the other countries in which KOT places students either directly or indirectly. The trip will enable students assess each educational institution according to its location, facilities and available faculty so as to come to an informed decision as to which of these Colleges or Universities meet their desired criteria before committing to pursue an offer of admission from the said institution. In view of the fact that the target market of students reside outside the United Kingdom and therefore cannot in most cases attend the institutions’ open days available to local UK students, the UNIs. FAM TRIP will provide participating students the same opportunities. 

KOT working in collaboration with its various partner education providers will ensure the choices of institutions to be visited are not only varied across the spectrum of the Universities League Table, but also offer all the courses relevant to the interest of participating students and their sponsors. Furthermore, participation in this trip by prospective students will go a long way to assure partner institutions visited of the quality of such prospective students and their ability to convert if offered admission, to enrolment.   Please contact our Summer School desk ( or visit our website