Student Guardianship Services

This service is specific for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The reasons for its requirements fall into two categories - Legal and Personal Responsibility.
Under the UK Laws, i.e. the children’s Act 1989 all persons under the age of 18 are considered to be children and therefore required to have a Guardian. Universities and Colleges are also directed to ensure that they are properly cared for and if parents are not resident in the UK then a Guardian must be appointed who will provide emergency contact information in respect of the child and which said details must in turn be available to the Registrar of Schools. This Guardian acts in loco parentis in all such instances as may arise between the child-student and the authorities especially in respect of emergencies such as medical where the student is unable to make the decisions themselves.

Secondly, the Data Protection Laws as they operate in the United Kingdom, safeguards the right of persons to have all personal data concerning them kept secret or private. Any such information can only be divulged to third parties on the express written or oral consent of the affected party. As a consequence of this, parents and sponsors of foreign students are not entitled to access any information concerning their children or ward be it academic or otherwise. Despite being financially responsible for such children, express permission of the student concerned must be given before any information can be given to such sponsor.

Aware of the strong views of parents and sponsors about their right to know the progress and state of their children whilst studying abroad, it becomes therefore essential through the institution of appropriate guardianship/pastoral services prior to a student’s departure to put in place the necessary instrument for ensuring a parent or sponsor’s access to all information that may be necessary for judging the welfare and academic progress of the student whilst abroad.

Personal/Corporate responsibility

Following from the peculiarities of the British Legal atmosphere concerning students stated above, it is the responsibility of all parents and sponsors of students proceeding abroad for studies to ensure that their investment or financial exposure in meeting the obligations of a foreign education for their children and wards is put in proper use through effective monitoring and supervision initiated via a proficient guardianship service. KOT‘s commitment is to meet this throughout the Guardianship services period. 

KOT therefore, with knowledge of the provisions of the above legal requirements governing students’ welfare, rights and entitlements in the UK, has put in place through this service, requisite processes, documentation and things necessary for all beneficiaries under our Agency’s Guardianship scheme and their parents to have access to all their student’s academic records and provide oversight of the student’s welfare whilst studying in the UK for the duration of the Guardianship.

Also KOT has set up its international office in Nottingham, England staffed by its International Director, an Executive Director of the company, to efficiently administer this service as well as provide a smooth transition for arriving students and appropriate adaptation to the culture of the host country in which the students find themselves. 

KOT is currently the only known Nigerian Certified UK Education Placement Agency that provides this service officially in the United Kingdom with services covering Ireland. KOT also proposes to establish an office in continental Europe in partnership with a local representative in order to expand its services in this regard to students placed in educational institutions in the continent.. Please contact our Summer School desk ( or visit our website